Starting from a concept of being body beyond the binary and beyond the Cartesian thought of body and mind being two separate systems, a dialogue will be created in which the body is our conductor. The activities will develop organically and intuitively from the indvidual's perception of being body to a sensing of the collective body.

“The other stands within a space that I will never occupy. Through this, he or she eludes my relation to spatiality. What was familiar to me in the perception of space is disconcerted by the presence of the other. Unless I include this other within my world, which annuls them as other. Moreover, the other moves in space, and this prevents me from assigning to him, or her, a place where they would in some way be at my disposal.”                                                                                  - Luce Irigaray

The aim of the workshop is to tap into the knowledge naturally stored in our bodies. To participate, no prior knowledge of body movement is needed. 

on being body
Movement Workshop
Goethe Institut Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore, India

November 2022