Are you, screen?
Performative Lecture

    A performative presentation towards the screen in collaboration with Claire Charnley.

    Screens as chaotic quantum dream-states where knowledge exists and overlaps in huge quantities, interrogating our sense of sense. The experience of the screen itself moves an audience into an almost background-like state with a determining role to the perceived content, nevertheless. In this sense, activating the screen might mean creating a purpose; not as a fact, but as a task of reactivating the frozen forces within an overflow of knowledge. The screen thus becomes a lens that recreates us as things that interact one on another. Charnley and Heubusch propose a performative lecture on ways of bodies, fragmented, interlaced and activated through the multiplicity of the screen.

    The presentation takes on the form of a five minute video built purely through on-screen communication (the screen as workplace/studio/dialogue/intra-action) in which the artists use a mix of speech, text and action to discuss the creative interface between practices as onscreen performance and increasing currency of co-working. As with screen works there is a sense of the screen holding more than can be experienced by the viewer, aim to question a distance in nearness of online spatialities.

Screening Performance, Performing Screens
The Graduate Center, City University of New York

May 2019