Video Performance
6mins 15secs, HDV video single and double screen

    Workshop takes a slow look at the residue and ephemera of a collective studio process over the course of five days in the new Switch House at Tate Modern, in London.

    The film uses the furniture and handmade objects left in the space as props for a crude staging of the cinematic wipe, with portable screens being pushed in and out of frame, hiding and revealing the remains of a creative making process within the architecture of the space.

    The blank screens also provide a backdrop for occasional subtitles describing an instruction-based dialogue between a woman and a man. These open statements such as ‘can we make it together?’ ‘let’s push it’ and ‘can I do anything?’ could be interpreted to imply both humour and intimacy and more controlling and coercive requests for action.

Commissioned by Tate Learning as a response to Tate Summer School 2016 with lead artist Anna Lucas and Alex Schady. It was first shown at Tate Exchange, Switch House Tate Modern, November 2016. This work is shown here (LH screen) as a two screen piece alongside Alex Schady's film (RH screen).

Tate Modern
London, UK
November 2016