Photo: Anni Katrin Elmer

URL vs IRL/Lines and Curves
Performative Workshop

    As co-founder and editor of artist-led publication None of the Above, Lena Heubusch invites fellow artists engaging with collective dynamics through their practice to an experimental performative workshop at 5 Years Gallery in London UK. The group composed of physically and digitally present collaborators explores the theme of ‘Being together is not enough’ through performative and participatory framework and discussion. Visitors are encouraged to join and collectively explore the question of whether being together can be enough. We’ll open the dialogue through tools of lines; lines as language, lines as rules, lines as limits, lines as rhythms, lines as networks. The one hour event will be open to the public and encourages participants to engage in dialogue and contribute to shaping the dynamics of being and creating together irl and through url. The outcome of the event provides Five Years Publications: Public Series No:8 with visual documentation of the collective process as well as selected excerpts of the developed content.

    None Of The Above is an artist-led publication reflecting on the contemporary condition of photography. Deliberately inhabiting a space between art object, magazine and a constantly refreshing source of ideas. The magazine issues contain original artworks, texts and critical writings alongside contributions from renowned figures of the art world. This selection comes from a collaborative process that facilitates critical discussions and a platform for continued inquiry into themes of photographic practices and philosophy. Moving beyond the conventional engagement with a magazine, we have created a platform that links art exhibitions, public events, screenings and online environments. None Of The Above looks at the breadth of the photographic spectrum continuously propagating and disseminating new perspectives in our digital and post-digital age. By this, we mean the physical manifestation of None Of The Above as a fluid form that is unrestricted to a conventional magazine format.

Collaborators: Anni Katrin Elmer, Vishal Kumaraswamy, Birte Hendricks, Maria Dela O Garrido, Célia Jane Suzy, Clare Charnley, Erika Hodges, and Pearlie Frisch

Contributors: Alice Kemp, Neale Willis, Vishal Kumaraswamy, Sarah Derart and Ekene Okobi.

Being Together Is Not Enough
Five Years Gallery
London UK

May 2018

Five Years Publications: Public Series No:8