We Exist Between Layers of the Surface
Video Performance 5 min
September 2017

We Exist Between Layers of The Surface is an ongoing project by video artist Samantha Harvey exploring the nonsensical digital environment that intervenes in our representational worlds. Inviting artist Lena Heubusch to respond to the subject matter and create a visual dialogue, Harvey and Heubusch converse at an intersection where their practices meet. Within the digital realm Samantha Harvey narrates under the guise of effects, paired with sound pieces by collaborators ps, SOULLESS_SAVVL, Graffiti Mechanism and Anitek. The dialogue moves in between the failings of the shallow and inauthentic life we seem conditioned by and the feelings of discomfort we may encounter when attempting to move beyond the systems we have become part of and feel that we cannot escape.

Music: ps - 'They Dont Care Dying Is Very Expensive' 'There is Blood On My Mouth' 'Take a Moment to Understand Your Internal Guiding System' 'Air of a Certain Nervous Stillness' 'Yeah, It Was About Love'
Graffiti Mechanism - 'Love plug'
Anitek - 'Final Layers'
Original beach footage by Víctor Montes