Encountering Difference

    In November 2017, the Difference Goes Speed Dating event hosted a series of encounters between artists, students, academics and industry specialists engaged in lens-based media practices. Using speed dating as a format the speed-dating event aimed to survey the ways in which lens-based practitioners explore the concept of ‘difference’ in their practice.

    Whether focusing on themes of identity, the visual and non-visual representations of race, gender, sexuality, class, language, power, desire and aesthetics, this one-day symposium, will present these findings and discuss current and alternative ways of picturing difference in contemporary lens-based practices and beyond.

Keynote speakers, artists and participants presented papers and in-conversations.

Keynote speaker:
Dr Leon Wainwright, author of Phenomenal Difference: A Philosophy of Black British Art.

Ajamu, Akiko Takizawa, Azadeh Fatehrad, Beth Fox, Carl Grinter, Caroline Molloy, Clare Charnley, Grace Gelder, Lena Heubusch, Lyu Wen, Sabrina Fuller, Pamela Breda, Viviana Troy.

Closing remarks and screening:
Hetain Patel

This event was convened by Dr Ope Lori, artist and Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at TrAIN Research Centre and was presented by the Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon Graduate School Public Programme.

Camberwell College of Arts
London, UK
February 2018